PiSupply Gateway checks

I’m new here, joining having failed to migrate my PiSupply LoRa Gateway over on TNN (V3 stack) and now looking for a better solution. I’m also fairly new to LoRa.

I’ve a Pi-Zero(W) + PiSupply LoRa Gateway (RAK2247) +GPS module now running the "chirpstack-gateway-os-full " image. The gateway web page suggests my setup is going OK so far, the dashboard shows “last seen a few seconds ago”.

I’d like to confirm the RAK2247 is alive, is there a way?
I’d also like to know if the GPS is working, is there a way?

If I know these are all OK I’m more confident to continue. Some simple Linux commands would be great.

I have another Pi with the PiSupply LoRa node with a bit of Python that worked OK last year to TTN, basically setting its mode, band, dev_eui, app_eui and app_key (apps from TTN) to turn into a node for this, next week.

The easiest way to test is to see if it receives uplink frames :slight_smile: You will find these under LoRaWAN frames in the web-interface (gateway page).

With regards to GNSS, the location is automatically updated in the web-interface if the GW reports its location (through periodic stats messages).

Alternatively, you can subscribe to MQTT topic of the gateway(s) (.e.g gateway/#) using for example mosquitto_sub. Make sure to set the marshaller to json or else the only thing you will see is unreadable characters as the data will be binary.