Possible packet loss


I’ve got some questions regarding how to check properly if my gateway is suffering a loss of packets when sending/receiving from devices.

I’ve got a couple of gateways that have a device that sends every 15 minutes. On the RX/TX charts its possible to see that it is not receiving these messages every 15 minutes. As it should be around 100 messages per day (96 if its 4 messages each 15 minutes).

On the device you can see that it has a spike of reception similar to what is expected on March 7th, then it takes a dip every day after and then it spikes again on the 12th.

The gateway seems to be operating correctly.

What kind of commands and diagnostics can I run to check what could be causing this issues? I know I can check the logs of the ttn-gateway.service but last time I checked I didn’t see any issues there.

Are the packets it receives associated to the Stat message it then sends to the Chirpstack Network Server? Could it be a CPU problem from the gateway? Saturated channels? Problems in network-server, application-server or gateway-bridge services? If the gateway has bad LTE signal and it can’t send the uplinks/downlinks and the stats is the packet considered lost?

Network-server version: 3.16.3
Application-server version: 3.17.7
Gateway-bridge version: 3.14.2

Thank you for your help.

Chirpstack versions for this