Postersql integration of Downlink messages

Why in the Postgresql integration is not created the event_down table where to store any downlink messages generated by the application server (as well as the event_tx_ack and event_ack) ?

Iā€™m not sure if this would be needed?

If you enqueue a downlink, you get back a queue-item ID. On downlink transmission, the PostgreSQL integration (and other integrations) will log a TX ACK event, indicating that the downlink was transmitted by the gateway (containing the queue-item ID).

If you want to maintain a list of downlink payloads sent, then on enqueue you store the payload in your database and mark it as TXed based on the information in event_tx_ack, or the TX ACK event sent by the MQTT, HTTP, ā€¦ integrations.

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In fact i want to store sent playload.
I realized that I have to do it myself

Tank you for the answer.

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