Postgres version 10 Multiple hosts in connection string support

Postgres has added support to provide multiple hosts in the dsn as a comma separated string. For example,

More on this topic:

This is useful in postgres replication. Does loraserver support this? I tried with postgres version 10 and multiple hosts, it is not working.

I have never looked into this, so it doesn’t surprise me if it doesn’t work. If you would like and have the time to investigate what would be needed, that would be great!

Note that this would require support from: (which is the driver used by LoRa (App) Server to connect to PostgreSQL databases). So that could be a starting point to find out (or investigate if they are planning to add support for this) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt reply. I looked into it. Someone raised the same issue and has even worked on it and completed the task.

But the lib pq owner has not responded it seems. It’s been nearly 5 months.