PostgreSQL DSN host question for Azure


I need to deploy a Chirpstack network in a Swarm cluster and I want to use an external PostgreSQL database. This database already exist, it’s an Azure PostgreSQL.

In the .toml configuration I added this, but I am a bit confused in the documentation it says that :

dsn=“postgres://[chirpstack_ns username]:[chirpstack_ns database password]@[PostgreSQL Server Name]/chirpstack_ns?sslmode=disable”

So I have this config :


But where did I inform the Host of my server ?

Currently, it searches to access to a local postgresql server.

Is there even possible to connect chirpstack to an external database ? And if it’s possible, how can I inform Chirpstack which host he needs to use ?


just set the correct credentials in the dsn variable in the corresponding .toml file
PostgreSQL dsn (e.g.: postgres://user:password@hostname/database?sslmode=disable).

On azure which one I need to write ?

I took the second line on the right colonne.

But when I do this, he search on the localhost. So in my opinon I need to inform the server (first line at the right) somewhere