PostgreSQL error: no base/16387/16537


I have settup APP-server and lora-server for one week, and everything has been fine.

Until now, I found my lora devices cannot join the service.

I just checked the log of lora server. It complains a lot as below:

loraserver[1317]: time=“2018-05-03T15:39:06+08:00” level=error msg=“class-c scheduler error” error=“get deveuis with class-c device-queue items error: select error: pq: could not open file “base/16387/16537”: No such file or directory”

It looks that LoraServer cannot find the file base/16387/16537. I don’t know what the file is, so I reinstalled the total lora server via apt-get. However there is no luck. The file is still missing.

Anyone can help please?

pq is the PostgreSQL library, this seems to be related to your PostgreSQL database. Could you try connecting from the cli to your database? (e.g. using the psql tool).

Hello Brocaar,

Yes you are so right~

I can connect PostgreSQL. Right now I am trying to re-construct the database. Thanks!


After re-constructing the database, this problem had gone.

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