PostgreSQL integration in Gateway-OS 3.4.0

I’m using Gateway-OS version 3.4.0 with chirpstack-application-server version 3.14.0. I tried to activate the postgresql integration following the documentation that states, that the database tables are created automatically, once the integration is activated in the config file. The application-server connects to the integration database, but the database tables are not created.
Reading the release information ([release] ChirpStack Application Server v3.15 test releases), I guess that the automatic creation of the database tables has been introduces with version 3.15.0.

Is there a way to update to the newest chirpstack-application-server (as asked here: update application server in gateway os) or where can I find the information to manually create the required database tables?


I have found the database schema for the postgresql integration on github: chirpstack-application-server/migrations/postgres-integration at 39e5ef0a9caf9d0034c7393b8a3db1c9b1823

Loading the sql file using
psql -h localhost -U chirpstack_as_events -d chirpstack_as_events -a -q -f 0001_initial.up.sql
worked fine.