Postgresql integration retention time

There is a retention time for data stored in db in chirpstack v4?
Or data are retained while there is disk space for growing db?

Data with retention time are stored in REDIS.
Data stored in PosgreSQL are stored without limit (except if you delete it).

From the second answer I understand that the system stores the sent/received packets without handling retention time logics.
They remain until they are deleted and you have to be careful with disk space in the long run.
I don’t understand the first answer, I was referring to the retention time of data stored through Postgresql integration, for which I understand there is no retention time.

Sorry I didn’t understand that you were mentionning the postgresql integration only.

Retained packets are stored in REDIS and are configurable in the toml file (10 last packet by default).

Does it help?

Yes, you made the concept clear to me.

Tank you.

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