Postgresql integration

I am using Postgresql integration as documented and it is working fine in that all the device data is being stored in the table device_up.
However, most of the other tables have no data (apart from device_join, which has one entry).
In particular I am interested in the device_location table.
Is there a way to get these tables populated?

First you would need a location event :slight_smile: (e.g. by using one of the geolocation options)

I had assumed that the location data from the json decoded from the device data would have been inserted in that table.
I do not know what geolocation options you refer to. Unless it is ‘Enable network geolocation’ in the service profile settings?

This is what I was looking for: PostgreSQL - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server
I followed the instructions with chirpstack_as_events for a database, what are you talking about table device_up?
Where wasn’t anything about tables. (close to English, There)
I re-read the integration section, the tables are built when the server restarts.