Private Network with TTN Gateway

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on my bachelors thesis about LoRa & LoRaWAN.
In the practical part of the thesis, I want to compare TheThingsNetwork to
a private LoRaWAN network for commercial use. My question: is it possible to reconfigure
the TTN Gateway so that it uploads data to my private network server instead of the TTN network server?

Could you define “TTN Gateway”? :slight_smile:

I have a ChirpStack set up, which includes the network server and the application server. I now want to have my Gateway uploading data to that server instead of the TTN Network Server.
Unfortunately, buying a LoRa Gateway (e.g. from Dragino) is very expensive and not really worth it for me, but i already have a Gateway looking something like this (i believe its from TTN?)

Does this specify my question enough?

Edit: in case you can recommend me another way of building a DIY gateway with a small budget, that would be very helpful aswell!

I don’t believe that one works. A cheap option could be to buy one of the many different LoRa gateway shield that you can use with a Raspberry Pi. See the ChirpStack Gateway OS component for a list of shields that are available.

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With the Gemtek/Browan Femto gateway the std setting is for TTN (US915), by simply changing the target IP adddress to your Chirpstack server, you can make it work for Chirpstack. We have done this many times.

Cost effective solution might be the RAK2248 raspberry Pi HAT by pi supply in uk that let you configure by default 2 servers, TTN or Chipstack, must be possible to send anywhere you wish AWS or homeservers… found in the forum docs.