Private Point to Point Java Gateway and Node with Pi4J Library


I am a Java programmer having trouble trying to get the radio communication working between 2 RPi 3B+ with LoRa Hat Dragino 1.4V. I am refering to this example from github which is over 2 years old. I have changed the pin in the Gateway example (from GPIO10 to GPIO06) to be able to read the version of the sx1276 on the Dragino. However, there was no Node example in the git, so I coded a simple one but my gateway was not able to read the packets. I have removed the encryption and I do not wish to send my Node information to TTN.

I wish to know how to setup the lora chip, how to send and how to receive radio packets - which pins to set high, low, what to write to the sx1276 addresses/registers. At my wits end, please help


Your question is not really on topic here, as you are trying to do peer-to-peer communication via LoRa.

This site is not for general LoRa questions, but rather only for support of a particular software stack which implements LoRaWAN, not bare LoRa.

You should probably pursue your issue with support resources of the hardware vendor or the software stack you are using.

As @cstratton already mentioned, this is not really related to the LoRa Server project. I’m closing this topic.