Problem when trying to set up Chirpstack v4 with hosted hivemq


I’m trying to connect the new Chirpstack V4 with mt hosted Hivemq cluster with no success.
I can connect chirpstack-gateway-bridge (4.0.0-rc.1), I can connect a chirpstack-network-server v3 but I can’t get the chirpstack v4 connecting.

Did anyone manage to do so ?

Here is the error I get:

chirpstack_1                       | Sep 05 10:01:53.784  INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Configuring connection with TLS certificate ca_cert="/etc/chirpstack/isrgrootx1.pem" tls_cert="" tls_key=""
chirpstack_1                       | Sep 05 10:01:53.784  INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Connecting to MQTT broker region_name=eu868 server_uri=ssl://<my_id> clean_session=false client_id=cecile
chirpstack_1                       | Sep 05 10:01:53.784  INFO chirpstack::integration::mqtt: Subscribing to command topic command_topic=application/+/device/+/command/+
chirpstack_1                       | Sep 05 10:01:53.784  INFO chirpstack::integration::mqtt: Starting MQTT consumer loop
chirpstack_1                       | Error: New MQTT gateway backend error
chirpstack_1                       |
chirpstack_1                       | Caused by:
chirpstack_1                       |     0: Connect to MQTT broker
chirpstack_1                       |     1: [-1] TCP/TLS connect failure

I’m using the same user/pssword as the chirpstack-gateway-bridge

I have been able to make it work by changing the code see PR here:

Which I already have merged :slight_smile:

The merged PR updated ca_path to trust_store in chirpstack/src/gateway/backend/ If I’m not mistaken shouldn’t the same change also be made in chirpstack/src/integration/ I’m running into the same error when Chirpstack attempts to setup the MQTT integration, and I think this is the cause.

I opened a PR to make that change, assuming this is correct: Use trust_store instead of ca_path for mqtt integration by johndyer24 · Pull Request #47 · chirpstack/chirpstack · GitHub.

Appreciate it if you could take a look!

@johndyer24 I think this might solve my issue as well. Thank you for this!!

Did you manage to build the project with Docker to test this? I’ve been trying and couldn’t find the right way. I wouldn’t ask you to go over the errors, but if you could tell me whether it was with make or docker that would be a huge help. Thanks!

Edit: brocaar just merged the PR, so I guess I’ll just wait for a release with this change. Thanks again John!

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