Problem while trying to access loraserver.toml

Hello everyone,

i received my new gateway, reinstalled (after 2 months) Lora Server, but i found a lot of differences.

In documentation, configuration file seems to be loraserver.toml, which also seem to be (auto) generated to /etc/loraserver/loraserver.toml.

When i tried, to go there and configure the file shows that permission denied.

I also can print configfile in Loraserver, but cannot edit it.

Is it normal, this?clear

It depends using which linux user you’re trying to access this config file. As it contains passwords, it should only be readable by the root or loraserver user. So either change to one of these users or use sudo.

Hello @brocaar. I am trying to access as root user and i also used sudo command as “sudo /etc/loraserver/loraserver.toml”. I also tried to create a new configfile and copy-paste it into /etc/loraserver but i also took response “permission denied”.

I have to say that i made a clean installation today.
Is any possibility to has to do with any error, may occured during installation process?

No, this is just a case of Linux file permissions.

But as i access every time my files, i shouldn’t have this problem. I will make a re-installation.

I am facing the same issue, I am using ubuntu 16.xx as mentioned in the quick install guide.
But when I try to access the /etc/loraserver folder, it say permission denied. I am able to other folders in my /etc folder can you please solve this issue, as I am not able to move ahead with this issue.

Use sudo :slight_smile: E.g. sudo vim /etc/loraserver/loraserver.toml

Thank you for your response.
I can’t access the loraserver repo.
and when I run the nano or vim command to directly edit the config file, it shows a new file, i.e there is no loraserver.toml file already existing in the loraserver repo. I am facing the same issue when implementing lora-app-server. It has the same issue.
Please help. :slight_smile:

I am also getting this error, if I try to run the loraserver.

$ sudo systemctl start loraserver
Failed to start loraserver.service: Unit loraserver.service is masked.

I can’t access the loraserver repo.

Failed to start loraserver.service: Unit loraserver.service is masked.

Your questions are different than this topic. Please keep it ontopic :slight_smile: