Problem With External Connection to Lora-API via a browser,after using Port Forwarding


I read a lot of topics with a near-field problem.

I just want to get into Lora-App-Server (locahost:8080) using my IP (for example when i am in the same network) from another PC.
using EXTERNAL IP(or STATIC):8080 after the configuration of Port Forwarding in my router, so as i could use the API from another/external network (my home), when the PC with the installed Lora server will be in my office.

I just gave a static IP in Lora Server PC (Linux) and as i mentioned, configurated the port forwarding in the router in port 8080 for this IP.
I didn’t change something else in conf.file of Lora Server and Lora-App-Server,as i read a lot and created me a little bit confusion.

Your help would be really valuable.

Thanks in regards,

@brocaar your contribution will be really valuable,if and when you will be in position to give me a hint,as i can’t establish (external) connection via remote pc.

Thank you.

Not sure if I can help here. When --http-bind is set to (default value) the HTTP server is available on all interfaces, so it should be accessible from any IP on the same network (when set to it will only be accessible from the same machine). When that does not work, look at your firewall settings, etc…

Thanks @brocaar. This is for the same network.

From external/different networks is this possible?

I mean,using a port forward in the router and using external/static IP (of the router) could be accessible from my home from example (HTTP server is installed in office-different network)?

I make the same question, because you mentioned only about the same network.

Thanks a lot,anyway!

Yes, that should all be possible, but this is not related to LoRa (App) Server but is more a networking question.

Thanks for the quickly response.

So you tell me that (unicast IP?) in the configuration file, on HTTP Server is enough for connecting in the API via 192.168.x.x (for example in same network) and 85.x.x.x (static Ip of my router) from external network combined with the appropriate firewall .etc configuration?

I just re-answer cause i need to absolute understand!


What I’m trying to say is that when you bind to the http server will listen on all network interfaces of that machine. When you bind to, it will only bind to the loopback interface, meaning the server will only be accessible from the same host.

I deleted, cause it was a wrong question. When you mean host, you mean the same PC.
So the answer in my question is the:

The answer will be given,after i make some efforts.


Just for the feedback:

using this configuration, http server really listen to all networks interfaces (internal and external net interfaces).

For the second case of listening in/by external networks, i also used Port Forwarding in my router configuration.