Problem with LoRa Gateway Bridge on Kerlink Wirnet

Hi all,

I am new to the topic LoRa and doing the first steps.

Currently I’m facing a problem with my Kerlink Wirnet installing the LoRa-Gateway-Bridge.

First I made a setup for TTN which is running fine (Dragino (Arduino) + Kerlink Wirnet + TTN (Web)).

I followed the instruction on and copied/created the files at the mentioned paths on the Kerlink. (MQTT server in is linked to my local instance which is available behind the firewall. I checked that the port is pen via mosquito_pub)

  • Which ARM binary do I have to use for the Kerlink Wirnet station?
  • How do I start the lora-gateway-bridge?
  • How do I check if it started correctly?

Regarding the packet forwarder I changed the server_address in the local_conf.json to and the port to 1700. Is this correct?

When I use the tcpdump –AUq port 1700 on the Kerlink I can’t see any traffic which is available when I use the server address for the TTN network?

On LoraServer site I also can’t recognize any traffic on the 1883 port so I think the Kerlink doesn’t forward anything.

Could someone give me some advice how to debug and fix the problem?

Thanks and regards



has someone experience to give advice how to work on this problem?

Thanks and best regards


I’m unable to test myself, but I believe the armv5 binary should work. This could also be helpful: