Problem with Microchip LoRa gateway v. 1.0.4

Hi all, I’m new in the community and I’m trying to setup my first LoRa communication. I’ve followed the tutorial to install the LoRa server on my PC but I have some problems. I know that the Microchip gateway has some problem in parsing the time since it uses a different format to send the data to the server, but I should see the uplinks from my end devices on the server even with this problem. So I’m registering that the gateway bridge is receiving the data with the following error:

lora-gateway-bridge[7179]: time=“2019-09-19T11:59:23+02:00” level=error msg=“backend/semtechudp: could not handle packet” addr=“” data_base64=“AUgWAJJXY2VENxdFeyJzdGF0Ijp7InRpbWUiOiIyMDExLTAxLTAxVDA3OjUxOjM1WiIsInJ4bmIiOjE4LCJyeG9rIjowLCJyeGZ3IjoxOCwiYWNrciI6MTMsImR3bmIiOjAsInR4bmIiOjB9fQ==” error=“parsing time ““2011-01-01T07:51:35Z”” as ““2006-01-02 15:04:05 MST””: cannot parse “T07:51:35Z”” as " “”

but the server and the app server are not receiving anything. Reading this topic I understand that the server should receive the packets. Can you help me to find a solution?
Thanks for your time and attention.

The Microchip gateway has a bug and the timestamp format is different than specified You might be able to get it working by changing the code, but in general I recommend using a different gateway :slight_smile:

(I did report this issue to Microchip a long time ago, they even sent me one of these gateways to test with and validate this issue. However I’m not aware that they have ever fixed the issue).

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It’s unfortunate, Microchip should resolve this problem. Thanks for your reply brocaar, do you think that a Rasberry pi 3 with a iC880a Board could be the right choice? I’ve seen that there is a guide for this setup but I don’t know if it can work with the Lora motes by Microchip. Thanks for your time.

As long as your devices are using the LoRaWAN protocol, you can mix and match gateways and devices from different vendors :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll give it a try. Thanks a lot for your job and your time!