Problem with registration device on server

I have a device registration problem.
Manufacturer sent keys for ABP and OTAA.
On their server, with these keys, the device works fine, it does not work on the lover server.
I registered both ABP and OTAA, it doesn’t work
When I enter Dev_EUI when registering, in the server logs it gives out another maiden with this dev_adr. If I enter that maiden eui, which is issued in the logs, then in the logs it gives another dev_EUI. And in the server logs issued two different dev_EUI with one Dev_Addr
A very strange situation. In the screenshots I put everything

did you register two devices, one with OTAA and the other one with ABP? But both devices are the same physical device?
Could you share your device profiles as well as the device configuration?

E.g. for ABP devices, you should disable the frame counter validation.


I tried registering with both ABp and OTAA. I thought when you delete from applications, then it is deleted.
Frame counter verification disabled