Problem with sensor data not coming in over time

As shown in the figure, 4 fire detection sensors and data from the fire detection sensors are transmitted to the LoRa Gateway.
The data received from the LoRa Gateway is
Send to LoRa Gateway Server.
The data received by the LoRa Gateway Server is modified according to a specific format and published again to the MQTT Broker Server.

In this process, there is a problem that sensor data is not received by MQTT Broker.

This problem works normally when re-registering the device after deleting it from ChirpStack Application Server.

I am currently deleting and re-registering the device whenever a problem occurs.

I looked for configuration files and documentation to get rid of this hassle, but it was difficult to find.

I don’t know much about LoRa, but what do you think I should be looking at to solve the problem quickly?

thank you

Hi :wave:,
So many things can explain your problem…
When you look at the “events” of the device, do you see all the messages, including the ones that are not seen on the MQTT integration side?

I can see gateway events & application events on Lora Gateway Server MQTT Broker
I’m not exactly sure about Lora.
Do you mean by what you said, messages are received on the mqtt broker installed on the Lora Gateway Server?

  1. gateway → events
  2. application → device → events
    what is “MQTT integration”??

Should i turn off events lookup?

I would start by working your way backwards at the time you stop receiving data.

Does it get received by ChirpStack?
Does it get received by MQTT?
Does it get received by the gateway?
Does it get sent by the device?

There is likely logging for all of these steps, though the device one may be less easy.

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The Gateway’s MQTT data (Gateway’s status information?) is received fine.
However, application data (sensor data) is not received.
All sensors turn red, and the gateway is operating normally.
(No problem with sensor and gateway communication status check timeout settings.)

the picture above is state of a specific single sensor.

Although it communicates periodically with the gateway,
Only sensor data is not coming in.
I’d like to know the reason.

Does it get received by ChirpStack? = NO
Does it get received sensor data by MQTT? = NO
Does it get received by the gateway? = How can i Check it ?
Does it get sent by the device? = I can’t know that.

There are a total of 6 installed gateways, and the status of the dashboard is as above.
There are a total of 4 fire detection sensors.
The above 6 LoRa Gateways all publish MQTT to one LoRa Gateway Server.
When data is received, the program that mqtt subscribed to the LoRa Gateway server parses the data and stores it in the DB.
The problem I suspect now is a sensor or lora gateway setup problem.
It has a runtime of about 20 days. After 20 days, data from the sensor is not received by the LoRa Gateway server.
Whenever that happens, I delete and re-register the device from the chripstack management site.
However, it is too cumbersome to delete and re-register the device from the dashboard of the LoRa Gateway server every 20 days.
So I’d like to address the root cause.

There is currently no way to test fire detection sensors.
According to the sensor manufacturer’s staff, in-house testing was no problem.
The employee said it was a LoRa setting problem, not a sensor problem at the head office.

This is the status of the fire detection sensor checked on the LoRa Gateway server dashboard.

A total of two configured IPs are identified, and the setting website must be accessed with 192.
However, it shows as 169.254 in the gateway state data passed to the gateway server.
What is the problem?
I’d like to turn normally.

I saw an article in the following link that said, “ABP stops working when the frame counter is exhausted.”
I am operating as ABP, and the DEVICE EUI, network session key and application session key are always fixed.
Maybe this is the problem?

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