Problem with Wifi in Gateway-OS

I’m using the new Gateway-OS (base) on a Raspberry Pi (RPI 3 Model B+) with an IMST-iC880 and it works pretty good.

Now i want to setup another Raspberry PI (RPI Model B V1.2), but i cannot see the available Wifis when i enter: “services”. I enabled the wifi and did “scan wifi” before. How can i see the available wifis?

Is this a RPi 3 with Wifi?

From the description I assume this is a Raspi 2B V1.2. This version does not have WiFi built in, you need a USB dongle. Check to see what is connected with the command “iwconfig”

when i check with “ifconfig”, i can see the interfaces: “eth0”,“lo” and “wlan0”