Problems connecting chirpstack-gateway-bridge with DRAGINO LG308 Gateway

I have recently changed to ChirpStack Private Server and installed the docker version. Seems to work pretty good. But my gateway isn’t connecting, or at least in the Application Server it still says:
Last seen: Never
When looking for the logs, docker-compose logs will show:

chirpstack-gateway-bridge_1 | time=“2020-06-11T07:55:32Z” level=error msg=“integration/mqtt: connection error” error=“Network Error : dial tcp connect: connection refused”

I followed this guide to install the gateway: (the guide for DRAGINO)

This is the configuration file on docker:

# debug=5, info=4, warning=3, error=2, fatal=1, panic=0

# Gateway backend configuration.

# Semtech UDP packet-forwarder backend.
# ip:port to bind the UDP listener to
udp_bind = “”

# Integration configuration.
(I recently changed to chirpstack-network-server as shown in the file)

And this the file on the gateway:


(Maybe I’m missing sth? Is there other parameter inside the docker I should change?)
Any help is really useful.

It looks like the bridge is connecting to a private IP address of mosquitto and you need to make sure your mosquito server is accessible on the network. I would telnet your mosquitto server from the gateway just to make sure its reachable.

Thanks for the response, indeed no response, not even with a ping. Could you instruct me, how do I change it?