Problems receiving messages from MQTT through ChirpStack

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to send messages from a MQTT broker to my LoRaWAN node. The problem is that sometimes I receive the message, but not always.
When I receive the message, in the ChirpStack Application Server you can see something like this:

And when the message doesn’t arrive to the node you can only see the ack message in ChirpStack Application Server.
In the Bridge Docker the next message also appears:
get device-queue item error object does not exist
And this one in the Network Server Docker:
level=error msg=“get device-queue item error” ctx_id=a782050a-6795-47d6-a705-e016c94cdde2 dev_eui=fe…fc error=“object does not exist”

Any idea of what is happening?

Thank you!

This msg tells: device is offline or not joined to Chirpstack.

I have the same problem. I don´t think it is a problem in the node, because I tried with differents microcontroles and libraries (Heltec WiFi LoRa V2 with ESP32 LoRaWAN and LoPy4 with Micropython) and the problem persists.

I think the problem is in the communication between LoRa Server and the Gateway, because the ack messages doesn´t appears in the Gateway Traffic. But I don´t know how to solve it…

Maybe someone can help us

Isn’t the LoPy4 single channel? That can wreak all sorts of havok, you may want to try with a more capable gateway.

I mean that I use a LoPy4 as a node. The gateway I am using for my application is a Laird RG1xx.

It might be on different stages ( endnode configuration device class/frequency table/DevEUI/keys/ etc. at both sides inside node and in the chirpstack device configuration profie etc)
does your device successfully joins to the network? look at the device console log in the corrsponding IDE to get more verbosity

And any idea why is happening?

happening what? I, describe my suggestions into previous post.