Processing uplink frame error in Lora Server

Hi there,

I installed all the components of LoRa Server and it looks it’s working well.
I’m getting the packets from devices.
Only one error I’m facing is the below message in Lora server.
time="2019-04-10T10:14:33Z" level=error msg="processing uplink frame error" data_base64=QCzOABqAJpneplEICCsoiq5mhVhu1xFN0EF/ error="get device-session error: device-session does not exist or invalid fcnt or mic"

Even though I do not add any device in the server, I’m seeing the error message.
It’s from lora gateway.

There are a lot of questions about OTAA related error message with the device. But I’m facing this error with only gateway, without any device.

Please give me any advice on this.

Your gateway is probably picking up other devices in the area and forwarding their payloads.

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