Production: Docker or normal installation?

I have already a v3 version installed with rpm, I working to migrate to v4 and I have a dubts,
in dev mode I use docker compose installation and I’m thinking to migrate v4 (production) in docker version what do you think?

Thanks in advance

If the question is: is docker suitable for production. The answer is definitely YES.
BUT if you (or your team) is not familiar with containerization, it could be a bad idea though.

Ok, we already use docker and kubernetes and I don’t think we will have problems for manage, but the question was for chirpstack + Postgres + redis is better standalone or docker?

It really depends on your architecture.

But if you are implementing it on the same machine, you will consume a little more ressources using Docker.

On the other end, you will have less risks of dependencies conflicts, and your system will be easier to maintain and migrate in case of need.

The only component that is not dockerized on our side is NGINX.

Ok, thanks for your feedback

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