Prometeheus integration with Chirpstack default installation

Hi all!

After installing Chirpstack following the docs and install Prometheus in the same machine, I was able to configure metrics for the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge and show them in a Grafana dashbord.

But, how can I get metrics from the network server and/or application server? For exampe to get event up count…


First, you have to bind a port for prometheus metrics in the toml file of the NS:

# Monitoring related configuration.

  # interface:port to bind the monitoring endpoint to (optional).
  # /health  - Returns 200 in case the healthchecks have passed.
  # /metrics - Returns metrics which can be scraped by Prometheus.
  # If not set, this endpoint will be disabled.

Then restart Chirsptack, and you can access the metrics with your-ip:XXXX/metrics

Don’t forget to open this port on your firewall.



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