Proposal: provide the way to retrieve metrics of go-app

I think it is convenient to collect and investigate the application status if go-application outputs metrics of the process.
For example, lora-gateway-bridge only listens on UDP protocol, so it is difficult to check the application health. In this situation, if process metrics is exposed, there will be no problems.
And, collecting the application metrics is necessary to research and trace the system performance.

So I wrote a patch for this issue with fukata/golang-stats-api-handler.

(equivalent patches also exist for other components)

How about this feature?

Have you had a look at They provide a client too for exposing metrics. The big win is that Prometheus integrates with Grafana, so you can directly graph all the metrics and set alerts :slight_smile:

Yes! I love Prometheus.
Does that mean ”integrate it”?

I patched to support the Prometheus exporter :slight_smile:

@brocaar How is this?

Sorry, I haven’t had the time yet to look into this. However, it is on my list!

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No problem. Thank you for your time :bow: