Proprietary LoRaWAN frames sequence

Hi all!

I have an issue, which is similar to the one described here:

On regular intervals proprietary loarawan frames are getting logged on my gateway.
DOWNLINK gets registered first and after 2 seconds the UPLINK shows up.

Uplink has some base-64 content that I cannot find out how to decode. Strangely, both of them have the same mic!

Does anyone know what these are? Are they described somewhere in the Standard?


Could it be that you have the gateway discovery feature enabled? You’ll find this under the network-server configuration.

This feature is sending a regular “ping” between the gateways, using the Proprietary message-type. The content is just a random token to correlate the “ping” that was sent with the gateways receiving the “ping”.

Yes, I have this feature enabled. Is this a proprietary implementation of the Chirpstack server, or is it something described in the Standard? Also, the ping originates from the AS or the NS?


It is something which is not standardized. The ChirpStack AS sends this to the ChirpStack NS for transmission. You will find the code here: