Proprietary Messages

Hi, I’m curious with the Proprietary Messages because I see very much messages of this type in LoRaWAN Frames in the gateways. The gateways and the sensors are installed in various positions of the city. Is possible decode these messages?

For example, the next image show the GW activity

Such messages are not of a known standard LoRaWAN type; they may not even be LoRaWAN at all (it’s also conceivably possible some are corrupted LoRaWAN messages, but usually such corruption fails the hardware CRC and doesn’t get this far)

The gateway reports their raw contents, which you are free to attempt to analyze.

However, even actual recognized form LoRaWAN traffic belonging to nodes not registered with this Chirpstack instance cannot have their encrypted application payloads “decoded” because there is no knowledge of the keys they use.

Ok, now I understand this behaviour and you have the reason in the payloads decoded. Thank you so much @cstratton.