Protocol over lora (gateway-to-gateway)

Good day!
Whether prompt there is an opportunity to force two gateways to exchange data? My task is to provide data transmission over a very long distance at sea. I have two mikrotik r11e_lrora8 gateways assembled on the design of SX1308P LoRa® Picocell Gateway V1.0. I don’t need to use the LoraWan protocol, I’m interested in the possibility of implementing my own protocol on top of Lora without using picoGW_packet_forwarder. As far as I understand, LaraWan gateway sends downstream acknowledgment packets to end devices, so the other base station must hear this message at the lora PHY level.
So far, I have only managed to make a standard LoraWan packet forwarding network to a TTN server. Can someone provide a link to an example?

Sorry for my google translate!

As you’ve already realized, the SX1308P doesn’t NATIVELY support LoRaWAN, so it’s likely that few on the ChirpStack forum will be helpful.

That is, if I read your question correctly, you want to write your own “ChirpStack” software that implements some protocol other than LoRaWAN. That endeavor is unlikely to have support outside the OEM’s forums for SX130x.

Let me rephrase the question! I want to connect one gateway to the lorawan server, and turn the second gateway into a lorawan end device, how to do this? I know /dev/ttyACM0 appears on my Linux and farworder uses it. Can I write an application to implement the lorawan protocol for sx1308 as part of my module and send my own messages through the second gateway to the lorawan server?

Thanks for clarification. It sounds a lot like this question on same OEM forum. I would guess that most people on these forums already have certified LoRaWAN devices and are trying to make better use of the ChirpStack software and/or resolve some issue.

There are a few sensor manufactures on this forum - they’ll know what you need to do. Getting their attention may take time. I would approach this differently: first, pick which microcontroller that will be running the stack. Then, go to forums for that microcontroller and ask how to do get started.

Other things to check:

Afaik for downlinks the polarity is inverted, so the other gateways wont see it.
Having a look at the “ping feature” code in the network/application-server might point you in the right direction thou.