Proxy server between a gateway and loraserver

Please bear with me. I am new to LoRaWAN. I want to know whether is it possible to have a setup of the diagram shown below? Let’s say before a message reaches a gateway or network server. Can I have something like a proxy server or any program that do some processing or filtering before the data reaches a gateway? If is it possible, how should it be configured?


You could do this fairly easily with a service that reads from one MQTT topic (from the gateway), does its work, and then publishes to another MQTT topic (read by the network server). Note that there would be a lot of caveats (need to account for downstream payloads, many types of payload manipulation would render the payload invalid - i.e. MITM, etc).

Maybe step back a bit from the proposed implementation. What types of processing and filtering are you looking to do?