Psql: FATAL: password autentification failed for user chirpstack_ns

Hi all,

I was setting up my ubuntu pc to run chirpstack. In the process of setting up the NS, following the whole guide to a tee, i’ve come across the error in the title when entering the command

psql -h localhost -U chirpstack_ns -W chirpstack_ns

Any idea what may be causing this issue? Do you have any leads to solve it?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


EDIT: I advanced in setting up the network server to get everything done while this resolves… this is what I got when trying to run the NS

$sudo apt-get install chirpstack-network-server
INFO[0000] starting ChirpStack Network Server            band=AU_915_928 docs="" net_id=000000 version=3.4.1
INFO[0000] storage: setting up storage module
INFO[0000] storage: setting up Redis connection pool
INFO[0000] storage: connecting to PostgreSQL
WARN[0000] storage: ping PostgreSQL database error, will retry in 2s  error="pq: la autentificaci\xf3n password fall\xf3 para el usuario \xabchirpstack_ns\xbb"

Error message is in spanish… But it’s the same as the one in the title

Please see: