Q:subscribed data from MQTT is not equal content of device send

I used chirpstack full os for raspberry. I can receive data by subscribing to MQTT. but the content not my device sends. for example:

device send:
hex : 2A 23 7D 60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 5F DB C2 9A 73
encode to base64: KiN9YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAF/bwppz

received by application server:
base64: ooFECPK/qXKCLAnq38/AyJgkU7jQ
decode to hex: A2 81 44 08 F2 BF A9 72 82 2C 09 EA DF CF C0 C8 98 24 53 B8 D0

I use a rime LoRa gateway of china product, it’s seen use chripstack too. I use it toml config file and now I can receive data, but the data is incorrect. when I use the rime LoRa Server, the data is correct.

how can I resolve it?


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I resolve it. because I set incorrect appskey.