QoS = 1 issue. Not receiving buffer data

I am updating to the latest version and want to test QoS functionality. I have set QoS = 1 and CleanSession = false. To test I switch off internet connection by removing LAN cable and wait for 20 mins. During this time at least 3 readings should come in from Device A. But when I reconnect the LAN cable, I do not get these readings.

QoS = 1 and Clean Session = False on Lora Gateway Bridge, Lora Network Server, Lora App Server
Lora Gateway Bridge = 2.7.1
Lora Network Server = 2.6.0
Lora App Server = 2.6.0

Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue with https://github.com/eclipse/paho.mqtt.golang. Even when using QoS > 0, when it misses a (MQTT) ping, it aborts the publish call…

I have been testing with the latest master branch as it does contain a fix, but I ended up with deadlocks :-/

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