Question about multi-band installation - summary

I have checked loraserver documentation and this forum regarding multi-band installation on a single server. My summary is following

  1. Single LoRa App Server can work with multiple LoRa servers
  2. Every LoRa Server can serve one band, as configured in loraserver.toml parameter
  3. Every LoRa Server must have one or more LoRa Gateway Bridges
  4. All LoRa servers can use same or different PostreSQL databases.

So far everything is clear.
What is not clear, is the usage of mosquitto broker for multiple LoRa Servers and LoRa Gateway Bridges.

  1. Is it possible to use single instance of mosquitto broker for all LoRa Servers?
  2. Will one LoRa Receive MQTT messages from from LoRa Gateway Bridge that belongs to another LoRa Server? Will it be a problem?
  3. If yes, how to split MQTT brokers?
    Thank you
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Yes, this is correct. The recommendation is to configure a separate mqtt prefix for each region. E.g.

  • us915/gateway/....
  • eu868/gateway/....

You must configure this is both the loraserver.toml and lora-gateway-bridge.toml configuration :slight_smile: I think this answers Q1, Q2 and Q3.


Thank you for fast reply, even on Christmas :slight_smile:
I am trying your suggestion about MQTT prefixes