Question about rxinfo in device data

Hi, everyone.

I have some problem about rxinfo at device data from application server.

  1. How is the gateway order in the rxinfo array determined? Start with the nearest gateway?

  2. The gateway data in the rxinfo array represents the relationship between the gateway and the end device? e.g. rssi

  3. If the end device sent message passes through 10 gateways, does rxinfo show the information of all 10 gateways? The end device and all gateways open the receive window?

Thanks in advance everyone!

  1. Consider the order random, if it looks like there is an order (e.g. SNR or RSSI sorted) then this might change at any time.
  2. The rx_info elements expose the data as exposed by the gateways when receiving an uplink from a device. E.g. the RSSI, SNR, time information of each receiving gateway.
  3. Yes, the rx_info array contains an element for each receiving gateway.

Sorry for replying only now.

thank you very much!
I will continue to learn LoRa and Chirpstack.