Question connect Dragino LSN50 v2 to ChirpStack (APPEUI too short?)


I have a Raspberry Pi with RAK2245 Raspberry Pi hat as the gateway.
If I set it to the The Things Network, and connect the Dragino LSN50 v2, it works fine.

But I want to run it on ChirpStack.

If I run it on ChirpStack and try to setup the device, I get an error message saying that the application key (APPEUI) is too short.

I got the APPEUI by sending the AT Command “AT+APPEUI=?”.

Any way I can fix this?

AppEUI != AppKey
AppEUI don’t need to set anymore.
to understand the purpose of each field, read the footnotes (*) below them.
from your screenshot, you set the real app key to the wrong field.

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Oh… thank you.

I was unaware of this. I knew about The Things Network process, thought it might be the same here.

But the device is still shown as “Last seen…Never”.
The LED on the Dragino LSN50v2 gives a long blink and then stops blinking. Which means it has connected to the gateway (I know because it did the same thing when connecting to The Things Network, otherwise the LED just keeps blinking if it does not connect to anything) but ChirpStack still shows at never.

Any idea what might be causing this?

is your device got activation data i.e. dev addr and session keys?
is your device really OTAA or it ABP?
double check the Device EUI and Application key in case of OTAA
don’t forget in which format your keys stored in the device LSB or MSB

Strangely enough, I left the end node powered on and left for lunch, I came back 30 minutes later and the last seen was changed. But no data was transferred.

So I restarted the end node, the LED turned on for a longer time, which means it got connected but the last seen has not changed since 5 minutes. Maybe it will in a while.

What is the reason for this delay?

it depends on microcode inside your endnode.

Thank you for all your help @eugenev , I think it’s because of an error in the device.
Because I had to restart it like 10 times before it somehow manages to connect and transmit data.

I will try another node,

In the mean time, I have another question,

How do I decode this data?

I have a function available for The Things Network, but this data seems completely different.

in the live frame tab data is base64 and encrypted.
to proceed, you need create the integration with some application
payload codec you can insert in corresponding device profile or use at the application side.
but this is another question and does not apply to this topic.
forum search feature can answer your further questions, you are not first :slight_smile:

Thanks! I was able to successfully decode it using javascript.

Now to integrate it into my application.