Question: Lorix One gateway reliability

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask with anyone has more than 6 months experience with Lorix One gateways. I read that we can install GatewayOS on a SD card and boot the Lorix One.

My experience with raspberry pi and sd card tells me that an SD card is not reliable for production devices and it has a good chance of failure after 6 months of continuous using.

For those who have lorix one, what are your perceptions about the product?

If you actually want to deploy it, I’d strongly recommend you find a way to load the custom install onto the internal flash rather than depend on the SD card.

I’ve been using them for more than 6 months with no issues. But, not running from an SD card, this is using the Yocto OS running from flash with UDP packet forwarder.

I will have a go at running the loraserver OS on flash at some point. I wouldn’t want to run it from an SD card.

Having said that, I have a Raspberry Pi based gateway which has been running off an SD card for well over a year. But it’s only been rebooted a couple of times, in my experience it’s when you are rebooting frequently you’ll have problems with SD cards. I have used R-Pis for wallboard applications which get powered down every night and found they will need a total reinstall every now and then.