Question on dataflow?

Hello all I have what is most likely a simple question but the pictures on the documentation don’t quite make it clear enough for me and being a HW person the networking software is a little elusive.

I have all the pieces working but just have some basic question:

I am trying to understand the flow of data to the MQTT Broker. Is it safe to say the gateway passes data to the network server which authenticates the source and then passes it on to the application server where it is authorized and then, if authorized, it is published to MQTT broker?


MQTT broker is the backend and the heart of gateway bridge, network+application server…
So all data will reach the MQTT first and be distributed to other components.

Ok so to be clear then the upstream works as follows: the gateway publishes encrypted data to the broker and the network server subscribes to that topic, authenticates and then the network server publishes back to the broker where the application server then subscribes to a topic and finally receives the packet. Does this sound correct?

  1. if so how is my mosquitto.conf file (which is essentially bare and has 0 topics) is capable of this? I have multiple nodes pushing data.

  2. to further complicate the question wouldn’t the downstream do just the reverse and also have to have topics?

I don’t understand the workings of the broker. Everything I read seems to suggest it wouldn’t work here without topics and QoS?


I suggest you could do some reading how MQTT server/broker works.
Then you will understand it.

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I have been reading and this is not just a blind post…I am posting bcz of confusion with what I read and how I interpreted it and what I am seeing with chirpstack…