Question: why GW lastSeenAt is not updated for regular packets?


I noticed that the lastSeenAt property on gateways is updated only when a stat packet arrives. Is there a reason why this property is not updated when other regular frames are received ? We could consider the gateway is also seen at that time ?

The reason behind this question is that stats packet are sent at a frequency determined by the gateway packet forwarder. Sometimes the stat packet happen much later than when the first frames are received. As we use the last seen property in our application to display if a gateway is “online”, it could be more precise if it was updated for regular packets as well.

Another related question: for the moment we regularly poll gateways through the API to get their last seen, to display them as online or offline. Is there a way to be notified when the last seen changes or is polling the only way ?


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You could subscribe to the MQTT topics or connect to the frame log endpoint (/api/gateways/{gateway_id}/frames) via websocket to get live changes.

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This will happen if you are using the original version of the Sentech packet forwarder. The more recent version will update the Last Seen timer.

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Not sure I understand what you mean. I haven’t found a new version of the packet forwarder. In the latest sources of the Lora-net/packet_forwarder project on github, stats packet are sent after the configured period is ellapsed

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