Questions about device acctivation

Hello at all,

I have some questions about the device acctivation. Before i start with the questions, i want to give a short overview about my problem.

i have some devices, which lost there device acctivation status - and start to send join requests. on the chirpstack side, the device is still activatet and therefore no Join Accept is sent to the device.

So my question is:

1.) How long is the activation on chirpstack side active? will the activation be deleted after a time?
2.) is there a way, to tell chirpstack that if a allready “activated” device sends a join request, it should reactivate the device?

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I do not believe this is correct. Devices should be able to re-join at any time.

I second this.
Please check if your devices aren’t reusing the burnt devnonce.

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