Questions regarding Network/Application/Join Server - Rpi

Hello all.
I am new to coding with Lorawan and looking to explore an idea but before I do I would like to know if it is possible. I have an RPi with a WM1302 (seeed). I am connected to TTN. I would like to transition the all the servers down (network, application and join) onto the Pi. Is this possible with ChirpStack and could I just use Python to create my application code? Basically I want a long range wireless stand alone star network where the hub (bridge ie Pi) does all the processing.


Yes, and this is what I’m trying to make really easy with the ChirpStack Gateway OS. Please note that soon I will release a test-image that is based on OpenWrt (the current image is built using Yocto). The transition to OpenWrt will give you the freedom to install additional software like Python.

See also: Migrating from Yocto to OpenWrt (preview).