Migrating from Yocto to OpenWrt (preview)

The past weeks I’ve been exploring the OpenWrt build system (https://openwrt.org/) and I’m planning to use this for building the next ChirpStack Gateway OS images, thus migrating from Yocto. One of the biggest advantages over Yocto (https://www.yoctoproject.org/) is that it provides a really nice web-interface and configuration framework, which provides many configuration options out-of-the-box. As well it is fairly easy to add new configuration screens to the web-interface, to handle the ChirpStack configuration options.

This will also make it possible to search for and install additional software with just a few clicks. This feature has been requested quite a few times and the current answers was to setup a local Yocto build environment and re-build the images which is not ideal (as compiling the build environment already takes a few hours on most machines).

Unfortunately the upgrade process would mean to re-flash the SD Card, but I think this migration will make the ChirpStack Gateway OS a lot more user-friendly :slight_smile:

A few previews of how this is probably going to look like:

I expect to be able to share the first test-images soon (within weeks).


Yes, true.
Many LoRaWAN gateways use openwrt too.

This looks really good!

Will this interface and options eventually be phased out across the other platforms running chirpstack mate?

This interface is specific to the ChirpStack Gateway OS / OpenWrt. But the migration to OpenWrt might open the doors to run the Gateway OS on other devices than the Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:


Please see: [release] ChirpStack Gateway OS v4.2 test releases :slight_smile:

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