Queue not visible in InfluxDB

I have a Class C device successfully connected to my ChirpStack Network Server, enabling it to send uplink data. Additionally, I’ve integrated ChirpStack with InfluxDB, and InfluxDB with Grafana. As a result, I can visualize device data which i send through docklight on grafana.
But if I send data through Queue in chirpstack i am not able to see it in my influxDB database whereas if I send data through docklight, my data in influxdb gets updated.

Is there any configuration I must do in order for my queued data from chirpstack to reflect in my influxDB database.

My codec is set to none right now. Thank you.

ChirpStack does not write the downlink queue to InfluxDB… To read the current downlink queue, you need to use the ChirpStack API.

Thank you for the reply @brocaar. I am trying to write the enqueued data into a database to visualize it later. Any idea how I can achieve this? and any idea where I can read more on using Chirpstack API?



Please correct me if I’m wrong, as of my understanding, gRPC can be used to queue downlink to a LoRa device. I want to store this downlink data in a database.

If my application is integrated with influxDB, will the data queued using gRPC gets stored in influxDB? Thank you.

Brocaar already answered your question above, InfluxDB is for event integration only.

If you want insight into what is currently queued for a device, you can use gRPC to query the API (see GetQueue):


okay I got an idea now, thank you.