RAK 5146 - how to use it

I bought RAK 5146 concentrator, and I see it on the list of concentrators integrated into ChirpStack (CS):

I have a question: how can I use it in CS? I have installed CS on the RPi 4 and Ubuntu 20.10.0. I have fully installed CS for all components: gateway server, network server, and application server.
I looked into the browser on port 8080 and didn’t see this device on the lists exposed by cCS on this port.
I found that documentation about this device and how to use it in CS is poor.

The easiest way is to install the ChirpStack Gateway OS (full image). After flashing that to an SD card, please follow these instructions: Getting started - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.


Yes, exactly. I found this before your answer and installed CS G OS on my RPi 4. Works perfectly.
But I found that the documentation for ChirpStack has a mistake. The link to this image is outdated. I found it because OS under this link didn’t have my RAK 5146 device on the configuration list. So I deleted an old version URL from that link, and this way, I found the latest version.

I would appreciate a pull-request with the documentation fix :slight_smile:


Ok, I made a fork, but first, I’ll show you where the problem is:

As you can see, the version number is hard-coded. I propose removing the version and keeping only the directory so the user can choose which version he wants to install.
So, it looks like this:

There is no hard-coded version in the path.
I made a pull request.

Remove {{gateway_os_version}} from paths to get version to install by marekpow · Pull Request #6 · chirpstack/chirpstack-docs (github.com)

@brocaar Do you plan to accept this PR?

I see what you mean. Actually, the link is correct as this is the old v3 documentation so it should point to the latest v3 image. What I should do however is put a warning on these pages pointing to the latest documentation version: Downloads - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.