RAK2287 not working after some time

Hi All,

I am using rak2287 along with Raspberry pi 3B, the gateway os version i am using is 3.5.1. I have used GCP cloud iot core for MQTT purposes. The gateway gets configured and shows active on my network server and lora packets are also received but after 75- 90 mins , the gateway becomes inactive. On GCP cloud iot core, it shows the heartbeat is being received regularly but no telemetry packets are received after 75-90 mins. I have upgraded to 3.6.0 but same problem exists. Can anybody guide me what’s happening here?

Have you checked the logs? :slight_smile:

Hi … Just FYI, I use RAK2287 successfully for a year or so now on RPI4 without problem. You can see what’s going on by watching the SYSLOG.