RAK7249 Gateway

I’ve buyed a RAK7249 gateway. It has OpenWRT and it seems to work fine, but I’ve found an issue when trying to conect it to our Loraserver instance.
The stat package is quite different so I get invalid stats:

Looking for MQTT packets, I can see the difference… this gateway uses JSON to send the packages:

And here is a event from a Raspberry PI gateway:

What should I do to get this GW properly working?

Thanks in advance!

PD: We’re using 3.0

I still cannot make this GW work. The uplink message has a JSON format that Loraserver does not recognize:

Here’s the Loraserver log:

Jun 21 15:11:02 camuzzi-outbound-service loraserver[30221]: time="2019-06-21T15:11:02-03:00" level=error msg="gateway/mqtt: unmarshal gateway stats error" data_base64="eyJtYWMiOiI2MGM1YThmZmZlNzRkMjcxIiwidGltZSI6IjIwMTktMDYtMjFUMTg6MTE6MDJaIiwicnhQYWNrZXRzUmVjZWl2ZWQiOjAsInJ4UGFja2V0c1JlY2VpdmVkT0siOjAsInR4UGFja2V0c1JlY2VpdmVkIjowLCJ0eFBhY2tldHNFbWl0dGVkIjowfQ==" error="unexpected EOF"
Jun 21 15:11:08 camuzzi-outbound-service loraserver[30221]: time="2019-06-21T15:11:08-03:00" level=info msg="gateway/mqtt: uplink frame received"
Jun 21 15:11:08 camuzzi-outbound-service loraserver[30221]: time="2019-06-21T15:11:08-03:00" level=error msg="gateway/mqtt: unmarshal uplink frame error" data_base64="eyJyeEluZm8iOnsibWFjIjoiNjBjNWE4ZmZmZTc0ZDI3MSIsInRpbWVzdGFtcCI6NjUyOTcxMTY0LCJmcmVxdWVuY3kiOjkxNzQwMDAwMCwiY2hhbm5lbCI6MywicmZDaGFpbiI6MCwiY3JjU3RhdHVzIjoxLCJjb2RlUmF0ZSI6IjQvNSIsInJzc2kiOi01OCwibG9SYVNOUiI6OS41LCJzaXplIjoyMywiZGF0YVJhdGUiOnsibW9kdWxhdGlvbiI6IkxPUkEiLCJzcHJlYWRGYWN0b3IiOjEwLCJiYW5kd2lkdGgiOjEyNX0sImJvYXJkIjowLCJhbnRlbm5hIjowfSwicGh5UGF5bG9hZCI6IkFFVlFSekl6VFZSVENYUWhBQXVqQkFCNGNBWDQrWk09In0=" error="proto: can't skip unknown wire type 4"

Can I use JSON marshaler for Gateway packages from the Network server side? Can’t find any configuration for this. Otherwise I’ll have to develop my own integration and that’s not nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance

PD: I can install a Gateway Bridge in the Netowork server VM, but I need to deploy 25 gateways :frowning:

Ok, I posted on RAK Wireless forum… I have to wait an upgrade from RAK or downgrade… :frowning:

Hi @ezequielfalcon, I’m also struggling with new version 3 of loraserver and RAK 2245, I made a connection to loraserver (only upling works though) when I made changes to GW Profile to this:

Enabled channels *:
0, 1, 2

Just curious if it helps you.

Hi @ezequielfalcon,
did you get any update about the support of protobuf protocol in the RAK7249 gateway?
Thanks bye.

Hi @bgdev
Still waiting for firmware support. Here’s the RAK forum thread I created: https://forum.rakwireless.com/t/rak7249-loraserver-integration-3-0/400
It’s quite long :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is quite an upgrade for their firmware

Just to keep you updated, the guys at RAKwireless wrote me that they will be releasing a new firmware within a couple of days, that has protobuf support. :+1::smiley:

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I’m also waiting for this update…:clap:

AFAIK you can build a software stack for the gateway from source, if you want to badly enough. I’m not sure if they released instructions for that fully integrated model, but they have for earlier MT7628 based kits, and the concentrator card doesn’t really change apart from their newer ones having the silly design mistake requiring that you use a low SPI clock speed. You can probably also replace part of the stack without rebuilding everything - ie, if they have a distinct gateway bridge component, just replace that and not touch the packet forwarder. Their configuration interface might be custom, but you probably don’t have to continue using it for everything.

That said it’s kind of too bad if LoRaServer introduced a new protocol version and promptly removed the old one, rather than supporting it for a few generations as a legacy option, replying in kind to gateways using it.

In theory you could probably whip up a translator fairly quickly, though for cleanliness you might want a distinct MQTT broker for the untranslated vs. translated version, and it would add some latency (though not that much if co-located with the rest of the server stack). Latency is not a gradual thing - you either get the reply back to the gateway in time to make the downlink window, or you don’t - though edge cases could have statistical failure rates.


RAK released the firmware with GatewayBridge 3.x support today. Haven’t tested it yet but here’s the link for 7249 GW: https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/DIY-Gateway-RAK7249/Firmware/LoRaGateway_1.1.0050_Release_r184.rar

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RAK7249 side:
So far so good, I installed this release and I can confirmed that it is working with LORA Gateway MQTT bridge option loraserver 3.x.

On the LORA server side:
I’m getting into the LIVE LORAWAN FRAMES an error saying “ns out of range [0, 1000000000)” at the botton of the screen with the flashing message “not connected websocket API”, after 2 or 3 secs those messages disappear…???

Can one of you can validate it ?

Error messages from lora-app-server:
lora-app-server[960]: time=“2019-09-18T13:19:10-04:00”
level=error msg=“parse timestamp error” dev_eui=70b3d5499abd3c72
error=“timestamp: seconds:1568845150 nanos:-783383680 : nanos not in range [0, 1e9)”