RAK7268 -> Chirpstack(4) - Gateway not registering

I’ve got a Chirpstack server install (chirpstack 4) that’s seeing an active connection from a RAK 7268 gateway configured for packet forwarding but within the control panel the gateway won’t register. I’ve grepped the documents, rebuilt the configuration twice (good learning experience) and have searched through the forum posts but am not seeing a solution.

cs-server: Ubuntu 22.04 build with postgresql, mosquitto, chirpstack (v4). Did not install chirpstack-gateway this time as it’s my understanding the RAK is handling the LoRa to LoRaWAN conversion and should deliver over MQTT 1883/tcp. Authentication is currently set as open/anonymous to troubleshoot and rule out user/passwd or encryption issues.


per_listener_settings true
listener 1883
allow_anonymous true

RAK7268: Current firmware. Configured to packet forward using MQTT for Embedded RAK Server.
LoRaWAN Network settings:

Successful connection with MQTT/Chirpstack server:

CS/Gateway: set with DeviceEUI from RAK7268, JoinEUI auto generated.
CS/Application: Created with one device (Dragino LHT65 temp/humidity) configured from the appropriate template loaded from template profiles.

Any thoughts on what I may be missing? Much appreciated in advance…

  • Jamie

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