Rasp-PI version to use, RAM size, and install questions

Hi there! Im about to purchase a Rasp-PI board in order to use it as a ChirpStack network server.
I see there’s an image file to create a full server with all gateways, forwarders, concentrators and network server. This confuses me as I only need the NS to be running in the RPI. And also the manual to install it goes thru the gateway, forwarder and concentrator before describing the network server. This arises this question: Can I have an stand alone ChirpStack network server running on a RPI with no LoRa radio at all in it?
Im planning to use commercial gateways, one could be a Linovision G67, to forward all LoRaWAN data to this RPI Network server. Does this make sense?
Also, what RPI board is reasonable to purchase for this? Prices increase with versions, so being latest one a 4B with 8GB of RAM, my question is does an older version with smaller RAM still work fine?
Which one would you use?

Thanks in advance!

Sure, but in this case you could also use the Debian based Raspberry Pi OS and use this as a guide:

Ok, and which option is faster and has more chances to succeed? I want to believe that using a premade SD image and selecting only what I need sounds easier?


PD Also what version of RPI and RAM size should I use?

It all depends on the throughput :slight_smile: For basic usage, a Pi 3B with 1GB should already get you started.

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