Raspberry Pi 3 with RHF0M301 Gateway Problems

I’m using the full OS installation to try to get this system running.
I have a RPI 3 with a RHF0M301 hat.

When I go through the setup for the concentrator shield and select option 9 Risinghf RHF0M301 and select US915 and the first channel option and then yes to all the file write options, I am returned to the main menu.

At the top it says
Version 3.3.3
Gateway ID: not configured

When I look at the general configuration for Concentratord it shows

and at the end of the file it shows

When I exit to the command line and enter sudo monit summary it tells me everything is OK except the chirpstack-concentratord which has the status of “does not exist”.

What am I doing wrong?

It might be a bug, could you create an issue here: https://github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-gateway-os?

I created the issue.
Thanks for looking at it.

Hello, I have exact the same problem with the same hardware and configuration. I checked everything and cant find the reason for this. There is also nopc error message or somtething to see in the logs except a permanent restart of the concentratord service.

When i try to start the chirpstack-concentratord service alone I get at least an error message:

ERROR: Failed to load fw 1
ERROR:Version of callibration firmware not expected, acutal=0 expected:2

Thread ‘main’ panicked at called Result::unwrap() on an ‘Err’ value: ‘lgw_start failed’

My Question is, if model=‘generic_eu868’ in the concentratord is right? Or should there be a model specified, which matches the RHF0M301 specifications? I also tried different reset pin settings like 22 and 7.

TY for your help!