Raw frame logging into external database

Hi all,

Did you know any possibility to store raw frames (from device or gateway) in external database?
I think I know that LoRa App Server didn’t store frame history but i think about some external solutions.

What do you think about external script which subscribe MQTT Data direct from mosquito and write this data into SQL Database?
Did you have any expirence with that kind of solution?


That should be fairly easy to implement. We collect all gateway payloads off of MQTT and make use of a few of the fields for statistical reasons.

Hi bconway,

Any proven solution (open-source project)?

To pull off of MQTT, decode the Protobuf, and insert into a database, you could probably do in 20 lines of Python as a proof-of-concept.

I don’t think you’ll find any existing projects around this, but I would start with something simple and then make it as complex as you need.

There is an integration named postgresql in chirpstack AS. NS pushes uplink data(frame and some other information) to AS and AS sends the data to the integrations. Postgre integration writes the uplink data to the device_up table of loradatastore db.
My app reads device_up table to use the uplink data. I also need to read downlink data so I forked Chirpstack github repos to make NS push Downlink data too. Now its sending downlink and uplink data. Postgresql integration writes the downlink data to the device_down just like uplinks’ device_up. I am thinking to create a pull request of this development.

I for one would find that feature very useful.