Reactivating a device in the Activation tab [Chirpstack v.4]

I had a working device moved to a different tenant, and event when it works, I started seeing these WARNINGS;

  • level:“WARNING”
  • description:“Uplink was flagged as re-transmission / frame-counter did not increment”

I’m not sure how to fix it but I thought (Re) activating the device might help?
If so, how to do this (Re) activation? In the Activation tab, I see the button grayed out…Should I delete the Network and Application session keys to reactivate the device? I can’t find information in the documentation.

Thanks in advance

In Application > Device, you can disable frame counter validation.

In Application > Device, you can disable frame counter validation.
Trying to do this, there is a warning;
You must re-activate your device before this setting becomes effective. Note that disabling the frame-counter validation will compromise security as it allows replay-attacks
Which is actually my original question…

Yes, of course.
The main issue is with the code of your LoRaWAN device.

It should keep increasing the packet counter even after reset or sleep.
Else the counter will restart from 0 and CS sees the old counter value and complains the packets are retransmitted.

You can disable the counter check for a while until the current counter is larger than the old counter in CS.
Then enable the counter check again.
Or just ignore the warning.

Yes, again. This is the implementation issue of the device.
CS is correct in this case.

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The main issue is with the code of your LoRaWAN device.
This is a standard and very well tested device in the market, so your statement might be wrong…

Look at the attached images and see how every uplink increment the counter and the uplink frame-counter is updated as well… Nothing wrong with the device…

Again, these devices were working for a long time without any issue until I moved from one tenant to another… It seems chirpstack has a problem when this happens…
Since chirpstack uses the DevEUI as the identifier, moving the device still keeps all data related in the DB. Other LNS (Helium console and AWS IoT, as an example) creates a GUID for each device, so this issues don’t happen…

Anyway, the original question was how to reactivate the device (the button which is grayed out in the image)… Not sure when this option goes activate…